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We are a visionary company focused on motor activation of children and adults. We believe gymnastics is a proven method for coping with stress, keeping fit and well-being.

One of the core areas of our activity are Trampoline Parks, which help improve motor coordination, stabilize the body and give unique thrills. The facilities we have built have become popular in Poland and the experience we have gained allows us to choose the most optimal solutions in this type of activity.

Currently, six trampoline parks in Poland use the equipment we provide. Feel invited to visit one of those parks, i.e. Jump Planet in Łódź or Legnica city to see the quality of the equipment we offer

The second most important part of our activity are the advanced Playparks for children, the wide variety of which you can find in our offer. The playparks stimulate curiosity, activate the ability to keep balance and teach skills to overcome difficulties, all that as an adventure and fun.

We make sure that all our products are characterized by excellent quality, safety and comfort of use.
As far as physical activity is concerned, it brings more benefits to children rather than adults, therefore, at later stages we’d like to focus our business activity on younger and the youngest recipients, for whom the movement is not only the basis for correct growth, but also the way to treat many disorders.
The concept of our design of facilities dedicated to children is to use the relationship between perception, movement, science and action. We are going to start their production in the near future.

Production process


We are pleased to invite you to our company’s new TRAMPOLINE PARK Jump Heaven in Legnica (POLAND)