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Multimedia walls of

Entice users to play and have some fun


Our new product is an absolute novelty on the market of active entertainment! Following the example of good 8-bit games, we have designed a unique system consisting of high mechanical vibration resistance matrices.

This allowed us to create a completely new entertainment system engaging users in physical exercises through new games and activities.

Thanks to this, our system engages users in development of motor skills and eye-hand coordination. At the same time, it is an excellent attraction of every sports facility, playgrounds or trampoline parks.

Encourage young athletes to pay frequent visits and take advantage of additional attractions

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The first dedicated PixelFun Pro interactive wall two- player games offer dual- mode operation:

Two-player mode is about hitting and pushing a ball onto the opponent’s field.

Single- player mode is a typical against time whack-a balloon arcade game.

The graphics on the wall can be adapted to particular design and theme of parks

The examples of graphics are as follows:

Durable and fast-processing data components

Each matrix works as an independent electronic circuit, cooperating with a dedicated microprocessor. Thanks to this solution, we have obtained rapid reaction times of the circuit, necessary to integrate extremely effective operation of the entire system.

The heart of the system is controlled by a 64-bit ARM processor that guarantees a quick response to a number of variables in the most thrilling games!


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