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Professional outdoor trampolines

On request, we design outdoor trampolines in any configuration with selected attractions.

Dedicated nets!

Quality and safety

Key features:

  • – Specially tailored to the specific dimensions of the trampoline frame
  • – Eyelets made of stainless steel

See our implementation

Available models

Item No .: J22-1
Dimensions: 1250x1100cm

Item No .: J22-2
Dimensions: 1350x1000cm

Item No .: J22-3
Dimensions: 1000x800cm

Item No .: J22-4
Dimensions: 1000x1000cm

Item No .: J22-5
Dimensions: 1950x2000cm

Item No .: J22-6
Dimensions: 3400x1000cm

Item No .: J22-7
Dimensions: 3000x1000cm

If you are interested in individual solutions, please contact us.