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Build your own Trampoline Park

In recent years in Poland we have witnessed a true boom of trampoline parks, which still remain an extremely good form of investment. Each new park quickly becomes a place, which is frequently visited by active people.
This type of business brings a stable income, which is growing year by year.

Currenty, many places in Poland use the equipment we provide.
Feel invited to visit one of those parks, i.e. Legnica, Włocławek, Siedlce city to see the quality of the equipment we offer.

Why to cooperate with us:

High quality

The materials used for the production of our parks are certified.


The commissions are carried out comprehensively. From design, through delivery of components, to the installation.


We provide services for an additional charge.


Each item is covered by a guarantee of maximum 2 years.


Thanks to the cooperation with EFL leasing company (European Leasing Fund) we can offer leasing solutions for the investments.

Affordable price

We offer very attractive prices for our customers.


Extensive knowledge of the materials and safety of the components allows for best solutions.

A wide range of products

Our designers provide very interesting designs that attract and inspire children for fun.

See how different we are

Paddings is at least 8 cm thick. In some cases, 12 cm thick upholstery is applied.
Sponge pools are supplemented with absorbing springboards increasing users’safety and comfort.
Soft upholstery is made of thick eco leather. (in contrast to thin, shiny, PVC curtains)
Trampoline profiles are 8x8cm thick (in contrast to 6 cm profiles)

All profiles are powder coated.
A nominal height of trampolines is 100 cm. (in contrast to 80 cm)
Paddings is cut diagonally so that it overlaps. (in contrast to „straight cuts”)
Sports trampolines as well as sponge pool runways are installed at a height of 150 cm.

Our attractions

Assembly process:

We prepare individual designs

On the basis of available space and your preferences we will prepare first design and cost evaluation free-of charge. Our extensive experience allows for an offer that takes into consideration the solutions that give you an advantage over the existing competitors.

We offer comprehensive investment services, from design consulting, up to the execution and installation.

tel. +48 518 250 805

Leave the details, we will call you:


    1What is the price of a trampoline park?
    Taking into an account an average price of the equipment per one square meter we can offer 600 zł/ square meter. For example, a small park of 600 square meters will fit 300 square meters of equipment (the rest of the area is occupied by communication paths and, for example, one birthday party room). For this park we will offer an arena with 12 jumping fields, one sports trampoline, two long trampolines with basketball and a sponge pool. The price of this set is about 180 thousand PLN net.
    2What is the return on the investment?
    It all depends on the location, size of the park and the current competition in the area. For most of our clients, the rate of return on the investment was several months.
    3Can I pay in installments?
    For customers who do not have enough funds to buy all the necessary equipment, we can offer lease plan on favorable terms.
    4What are the maintenance costs of the park?
    Depending on how much the park is exploited and wear-out degree, it is recommended that the springs be replaced every several months or once a year. With every order, the customer is provided with a satisfactory number of spare springs and trampolines, which means that customers do not need to incur additional costs at the beginning of their business activity.
    5What is the quality of the products?
    We do our best to keep the same high standard for each park. At present, 6 parks in Poland use our top-quality equipment.
    6How tall must be a building for the trampoline park?
    We recommend that the distance between the floor and the roof is at least 5.5 meters at the lowest point. The structures, to which the trampoline is attached, are at a height of over one meter.
    7How long are the trampolines produced?
    Depending on the size of the park, it takes two, three months to produce and transport equipment to the customer.
    8Technical questions regarding the equipment
    Trampolines allow for bouncing with ease, they are durable and resistant. The material imported from the United States complies with ASTM (American Association for Testing and Materials). The bouncing capacity of PP mat, UV resistance of which exceeds 800 hours of testing and can be used continuously for 15 000 hours when exposed to sunlight, is over 200 kilograms per one square meter.

    The structures are made of steel, powder coated pipes of the measurements 80 mm x 80 mm, 4.0 mm thick.

    Thickness of soft components is from 8 cm and width amounts to 80 cm. EPE (pearl cotton) layer is waterproof, durable, impact resistant and environmentally friendly.

    PVC material, the thickness of which is 0.45 mm-0.55 mm and force is 120 N, is used to cover soft components.

    Please visit Legnica, Włocławek, Siedlce city to see the quality of the equipment we offer.