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Pirate ship

Super fun at sea!


Super fun at sea!


Size: 8.7 x 8.2 x 3.8 m.

Number of Children: 10 – 30

Includes::combination of climbing and physical activity components.


Playpark where children can happily spend a lot of time. Designed for the youngest ones who like to fully express themselves by running, jumping, hiding, screaming and discovering the natural world. High quality and safety of the components allow children to play until they are eight years of age. The Pirate ship has a playground, protections, game parts and give the guardians an easy access to the children. Designed to encourage activity and fun for long hours.


  • Ability to modify and customize.
  • It gives children lots of fun and enjoyment.
  • Full of tasks that help children discover the world, practice their abilities to overcome challenges, and motivate them to develop.


All materials used in the outdoor playground are designed with safety in mind.